Opening: postdoctoral researcher

Starting date: as soon as possible

Term: one year, renewable after one year depending on performance


1. A Ph.D. in electrical engineering specialized in wearable electronics with expertise in two or

more of the following areas: embedded systems, circuit design, flexible electronics, human

subject measurements, signal processing and data analytics

2. Knowledge in physiology, kinesiology, and/or tech commercialization is a plus

3. Strong written and communication skills

4. Strong publication record

5. Self-motivated, creative, collaborative, resourceful, accountable, coachable

6. Targeting a faculty job after postdoc

7. US citizenship or permanent residency preferred but not required

Job description:

1. Lead projects on wireless e-tattoo sensor networks

2. Recruit human subjects, perform tests and data analysis

3. Write and publish research on reputable journals and conferences

4. Present research findings in IEEE and related conferences

5. Assist the PI with mentoring graduate and undergraduate students

6. Assist the PI with communication and collaboration with physiological and clinical collaborators

7. Assist the PI with lab management

8. Assist the PI with writing and presenting progress reports to funding agencies

9. Assist the PI with grant proposal writing